Download on this PAGE , print, and cut! 


 Download on THIS PAGE  print and cut! 


After finishing 3 granny squares blankets, I was looking for an easy, simple quick and different project. I stumbled upon a crochet heart how to. I was about to go on a car trip to Gaspésie. So I had lots of car time to crochet to look forward. I didn't crochet all the way to Petite-Vallée. When we reached Rivière du Loup, the view was so great, I could't keep my eyes on the crochet. But I still had time to make quite a few he...


My very first sewing projets as a child (at 5) were clothes for my dolls and Barbie dolls. I'd love to still remember how made them because the only thing I can recollect is the fact I didn't use patterns. So UI'd love to see pictures or, even better, still have the tiny clothes.

I still love sewing little clothes for small dolls. In fact, that is my favorite part of creating dolls. I used to go about very organically, measuri...


 I always loved miniatures. I don't know where this appreciation comes from. My mom tells me I've loved tiny things ever since when I was a small thing myself.  I love miniatures so much, I even fine emoji totally cute. ✂️✏️🌵.  So when I drafted my  stuffed wolf/fox sewing pattern, I knew right away I wanted to miniaturize it. Here's how to adapt my pattern for faux taxidermy wolf/fox or for plush wolf/fox...


I had been wanting to learn how to crochet for years. I had tried a few times without success and not much patience either.  I knew how to make the beginning chain but I just couldn't figure out how to do the second row, where to insert the darn crochet.  So about 3 years ago, on a nice vacation day, I decided that it was going to happen then. I "locked" myself in my room with yarn, a crochet and a laptop to watch a Creativebu...


Painting, drawing, taking pictures, sewing, crocheting. Ideally creating every day. Nothing beats having an idea and making it happen. But every creative will tell you, even if we want to create every day, sometimes we have creative blocks. We'd love to use these scissors, these pens, those paintbrushes, but it's a complete blank.I recently listened to a podcast where the creative was talking about these moments. She's a colla...


When my sons were 7 and 9, while volunteering at going to their school, I saw daycare sewing projects young students were doing. Even if I learned how to sew when I was around 5, I hadn't taught my kids yet. So I did. My oldest wasn't too impressed but his brother liked it a lot. He used his newly acquired skill to sew stuffies and stuffed forms to paint.

It's the season to try to find gifts for teachers and daycare workers. It...


This is where most of my creative work appends.

My work table is the center piece of the room. I wanted it veeeery big and its surface indestructible. So I bought the biggest cutting mat possible. The table itself is a great big IKEA Hack. The table top is actually 2 countertops and the foot/bookcase is made using 2 kitchen (12" deep) cabinets. In order to use the space as efficiently as possible, we cut down the ladders of an...


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