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This is where most of my creative work appends.

My work table is the center piece of the room. I wanted it veeeery big and its surface indestructible. So I bought the biggest cutting mat possible. The table itself is a great big IKEA Hack. The table top is actually 2 countertops and the foot/bookcase is made using 2 kitchen (12" deep) cabinets. In order to use the space as efficiently as possible, we cut down the ladders of an IVAR storage unit so it could fit under the table. Everything is held together and on the wall with hardware.

The tools, small supplies, pens and pencils I use everyday are stored in these awesome vintage tins.

Here is the sewing-stuffing-photocopying-ironing station.

After several years of trying out (and not succeeding) different organizations systems for my patterns, I finally came up with THE perfect one for me. Binder clips on rings (some with a chain too so they are not all on the same level) hung on a thin curtain rod.

A small photo "studio" is close to the window to get as much natural light as possible. The white backdrop is in fact a white standard roller blind.blanc standard.

The boxes are win cases bought at my local win shop (SAQ). They sell them to collect funds for local charities. To me that was a wini-win-win choice: reusing at a small price (5$) for a good cause.

My favorite part of my Atelier: my big black board. The big black rectangle is actually magnetic primer. I use this wall to display artwork from artists I ❤️.

So you've almost seen everything. "Almost" because you haven't seen the storage space that has become a junk "space" nor the huge pile of fabric on the floor I made while trying to tidy up for the photos. You haven't seen the mess my workshop magically becomes as soon as I enter my "creative bubble". I might show you one day when we get to know each other a little better. Meanwhile, I'd love to know if you have a dedicated craft space? What do you dream of creating there?