Thank you Ms Lucie!

When my sons were 7 and 9, while volunteering at going to their school, I saw daycare sewing projects young students were doing. Even if I learned how to sew when I was around 5, I hadn't taught my kids yet. So I did. My oldest wasn't too impressed but his brother liked it a lot. He used his newly acquired skill to sew stuffies and stuffed forms to paint.

It's the season to try to find gifts for teachers and daycare workers. It would be a good time to teach your kids (or yourself :) ) how to sew to make original and personal items to give important people in their lives. My owl sewing pattern is a good start. You can receive it for free when you subscribe to my NEWSLETTER or you can buy it in my ETSYSHOP . You can stuff them with polyfill for a regular stuffy or you can fill them with lavender to make sachets.

If your kids are too young to learn how to sew, you can have the participate by decorating the fabric after it's been cut but before you sew. They can use paint (acrylic or fabric or makers (permanent or fabric).

You can sew a little pocket to the back of the owl to insert a small gift.

Fold back to back a piece of fabric. Put the pattern on it folded side on top at mid-eye level, mark and cut. Sew close to the border (2mm 1/4in) to the right side of the piece of fabric for the back of the owl. sew the front side to the back side (see pattern instructions).

I'd love to see your creations! Tag me (@ateliercaroline) and use #patternateliercaroline on Instagram.

Bonne création!