OM, Paper, scissors

Painting, drawing, taking pictures, sewing, crocheting. Ideally creating every day. Nothing beats having an idea and making it happen. But every creative will tell you, even if we want to create every day, sometimes we have creative blocks. We'd love to use these scissors, these pens, those paintbrushes, but it's a complete blank.I recently listened to a podcast where the creative was talking about these moments. She's a collage artist, so when she is not inspired, she simply cuts images that might one day end up in one of her artwork. How brilliant is that! Occupying the hands doing something useful without the pressure to perform. In addition, doing a simple repetitive work, can be very relaxing.

So do want to relaxe will occupying your hands? :)

Here's how to make this mobile using the PFD Voici comment faire ce mobile en utilisant le PDF "Paper flowers and butterflies DIY"

You will need:

5 meters (5.5 yards) ribbon 6mm (1/4in)

Embroidery hoop (interior piece) 7in

Embroidery needle or a needle with a big enough hole for the ribbon.

Glue stick


Flowers and butterflies (PDF sold here ) Here, I printed the pink backing on the butterflies reverse page (instead of the brown)

Divide the hoop in 4 sections

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon of 20in. Fold together in half and make a knot at about 1inch.

Attach the 4 ends to the hoop. 1 end per section.

Cut 8 even pieces of ribbon OR if you want an asymmetrical mobile (as used here) cut:

1 of 12in

3 of 15in

2 of 20in

1 of 24in

1 of 27in.

Tie the pieces to the hoop. 1 per section and 1 in the middle of each section.

String the flowers and butterflies on the ribbons.

Decide on the final location of each flower and butterfly. Glue the flower centers.


Glue flowers and butterflies to the hoop to hide it.

Et voilà, it's finished!

What do you do when you're facing a "blank page"? Do you have tips on how to get moving again?