Miniatures are awesome!

I always loved miniatures. I don't know where this appreciation comes from. My mom tells me I've loved tiny things ever since when I was a small thing myself. I love miniatures so much, I even fine emoji totally cute. ✂️✏️🌵. So when I drafted my stuffed wolf/fox sewing pattern, I knew right away I wanted to miniaturize it. Here's how to adapt my pattern for faux taxidermy wolf/fox or for plush wolf/fox to make a tiny plush.


To make a miniature fox or miniature wolf you will need to Download the pattern for the body HERE. Print this PDF at 100%. Cut the pieces.

and purchase my faux taxidermy fox or wolf pattern or my Stuffed toy Fox and wolf plush, regular ans baby size, sewing pattern

to complete with a head

Use medium weight stretchy fabric. I used cotton fleece for both bodies and micro polar fleece for the white detail.

To miniaturize the faux taxidermy or stuffed toy pattern print pattern pieces to make the head at 23%. Proceed with the instructions included in the pattern but keep in mind seam allowances to use will now be 1/8 inch. Ears are single fabric ply. Eyes are embroidered (a 3-4 knots per eye).

Cut the "Belly" piece. Place on top of a fabric piece that will be used fo the "Body", making sure there is enough space on both sides (at least 2 inches) for the rest of the body. Sew the white detail.

Place a 2.5in x 1in piece of the white white on a 5in x 2.5in piece of fabric for the body. Sew while drawing a zigzag to for "fur" for the tip of the tail. Do not use the zigzag stitch. It will not be sturdy enough. Trim the fabric..

Fold in 2 right sides together. Place "Tail" so there will be white fur on its tip. Trace and sew. Trim so there is only 1/8in seam allowance. Turn and lightly stuff.

Put the fabric with the "Belly" sewn on on top of an other fabric piece. Trace "Body" so the "Belly" is centered.

Sew on the mark. Trim the fabric at 1/8in from the seam. Make little cuts in the corners at the base of the neck, under the arms and inside the thighs (where there are black lines in the photo photo). CAREFUL do not cut the seam.

Turn. To help with the turning you can use a firm straw (I used one I found in a balloon kit at the Dollorama) you nserte to the end of an arm/leg while you push the fabric inside with a tiny dowel, a skewer or even a crochet hook (I used a 3.25mm).

Sew "joints" on top of both legs and arms.

Stuff the body. Turn a part of the neck inside. Place the head on top of the neck alining putting same colours together. Hand sew the head to the body. Hand sew the tail.

Et voilà! :)

Will you make a miniature wolf, a miniature fox, both?