Lots and lots of hearts

After finishing 3 granny squares blankets, I was looking for an easy, simple quick and different project. I stumbled upon a crochet heart how to. I was about to go on a car trip to Gaspésie. So I had lots of car time to crochet to look forward. I didn't crochet all the way to Petite-Vallée. When we reached Rivière du Loup, the view was so great, I could't keep my eyes on the crochet. But I still had time to make quite a few hearts.

What did I do with them afterwards? I made about 10 little hearts garlands (you can buy the garland pattern here).

After all te garlands were done, I played with the heart pattern, using 2 strands of yarn (each 90in) with a 5.5mm hook and then 3 strands of yarn (each 110in) with a 6.5mm hook. It allowed me to "create" more colours for the garlands. On the photo the hearts in the top line are made with one strand each: white(W), soft yellow(SY) and yellow(W). The second line is made using 2 strands: 2W, 1W+1SY, 2SY, 1SY+Y and 2Y. The third is made with 3 strands each: 3W, 2W+1SY, 1W+2SY, 3SY, 2SY + 1Y, 1SY + 2Y, 3Y.

To form the garland I decided to simply stitch the hearts together. My only regret? I should have take better pictures. Now, it makes me want to go back to my yarn and crochet to make an other one. For my Christmas tree, perhaps?